Saturday, September 26, 2015

Current flood of people

The arguments in favor and against the flood of the refugees or asylum-seekers are flying back and forth. Everyone has their opinions and emotions about what is happening and we have all the rights to have them. This whole event that has taken place in Middle East and Europe has caused all the fears jump up onto the surface. It is a process that is forcing us to face our fears whatever they are. 

Hopefully the process will lead into better humanity and human value never mind where the person is coming from or who he or she is or what color he or she has.

I want to call for human dignity or maybe value of god or grace among us. Different religions are being so heavily on their own view of what is right and what is false. Religions differ on so many issues although most are praying for the same God in different names and ways. The same is with people - we have opinions, our own point of view and our emotions but who is entitled to decide or define what is true, who is right and who has got it wrong?

There is fear of an increase in raping women and girls. Perhaps there is a secret fear that our daughters might be more fascinated by the men from foreign culture than men of our own country. There is fear that the status of women and girls and the equality between men and women will deteriorate. There is fear about losing the job opportunities and homes or money to migrants. There is fear that the refugees will bring the war with them. All these and many other fears are causing confusion inside and among the people and a lot of hostile speeches and aggression is taking place – a war caused by all that negative attitudes and expressions. Each hostile speech and aggressive deed is a rape against another’s humanity and feelings. Is pampering or silencing or ridiculing the fears then the opposite of rape? No - no way.

There has been raping and violence inside our society before all these new refugees have arrived.  I also have been subjected to it. There were violent and abusive adults around while I was a child. I have been raped both physically, emotionally and mentally by just ordinary Finnish family men of our little village and by domestic helpers of my home and all that while I was less than six years old. And still the children of those very same rapers were bullying me and no one was telling me that they did wrong and I simply thought that I deserved all that violence as those people were saying to me. All that was just silenced and no one raised a hand or voice against it - why would it be different from any other violence? I am not wanting any of that to continue anymore but stop it.

Why I tell this? Because I feel very frustrated about these grazy conflicts and hostile speeches which don’t take us anywhere but into the inner and outer war. It simply is time to STOP NOW ALL THAT and try to find new solutions.

So what to do or how to solve the conflict? Probably neutral and thoughtful attitude toward the refugees, asylum-seekers and those who travel because they have a different dream of life will help.
We have to inform migrants about our culture and way of life and allow them to participate soon in our society and communities by working and learning to live here. We need to learn something about their lives and culture and we all - both sides - need to learn to respect each other and throw away our own hostility and sick attitudes. We don’t have that strong communities  or family ties anymore here in Finland but we are more or less worshipping individuality.  We have had very strong and alive own culture once yet many of us have forgotten it and most of the migrants are coming from communities and societies where family ties and culture or religion are much tighter than here. Naturally there will rise many confusing situations among people but they are solvable if there is good will.

I don’t want to belong to any community of hatred or hostility where there is disrespect and hurtful action against other members.  I want to be a part of the world wide community which embraces different cultures, races and ways and where all the people can live their lives in integrity and peace.

How can we weed the culture of hatred or hostility? What would have positive impact to the attitude and behaviour among both the newcomers and the citizens?
- I don’t have any other solution but spreaching information about different cultures and ways of life, communication between each other and getting to know each other. Let’s demolish the fortresses of our minds and create a new kind of community or society and raise new humanity in ourself and others. Migration between nations and people will continue also in the future, this is not the last international migration so better to learn to respect and get to know each other and we have to start it from ourselves.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer in Finland! Yayyy!!!

It felt like the winter lasted for ever but now the SUMMER and warm weather have been here for few weeks. The nature is lush and green and blossoming, birds are singing, water is getting warmer every day and  kids will get off from school by the end of this week.

 Nights are full of light already, no dark time anymore until the end of July. Even if the growth season is so short these conditions give a lot of life power to the vegetables and berries. We get so great super food from our own gardens and forests if that is what we want.

People smile and laugh more in the Summer time. They greet one another and sometimes even so that they greet people they don't know which doesn't really happen in Finland too often. That is something I have been missing from my time in Boulder Colorado the smiling and greeting neighbors or passer-byes.

I enjoy so much of this time of the year, it feels like I would become alive again or wake up from hibernation and I guess there are many others who feels the same.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Dragon and a Precious Treasure

My Dragon is small wounded me who doesn’t want to get hurt any more. My wounded me is residing as a dragon in the front of the cave and guarding the treasure. The Dragon believes that it has to be watching out that no one can steel or harm the treasure. The Treasure is located in the middle of the cave and shining dimly there. It is a beautiful gemstone – a diamond – but its light cannot shine there the way it could outside the cave.

The diamond has been polished beautifully and it could shine so nicely if it would be taken out of the cave but the Dragon doesn’t want to let it go. It is afraid that someone would destroy the treasure or take it away.

The Dragon doesn’t understand that the treasure doesn’t shine so well inside the cave and its value is decreased there in the darkness of the cave. It doesn’t know how beautiful the diamond is in the sunshine. It has no clue of the whole beauty of the treasure yet it knows that the diamond it is guarding is something extremely valuable and special.

While the Dragon imprisoned the treasure it imprisoned itself and it continues guarding, it continues being a capture and a prisoner.

Finally the Dragon is tired and sick of being held in front of the cave and it sees how so many other treasures have been delighting in the world and the Dragons are flying free. It sees how the other treasures get appreciation after they have been brought out from the cave, when the sun is shining upon them and the light and all the colors are radiating in and from them. It sees how the diamond’s beauty is multiplied through the hearts, eyes and smiles of the others and how the beauty and radiance of all the treasures is ever brighter through and with each other.

Oh – and then the Dragon sees it – it understands that the treasure has to be revealed, brought out from the cave, it has to let it shine and enlighten, bring the beauty and colors outside and around. The diamond is meant to be available and shown, it is meant to shine with the other treasures. Its purpose is to add the value and beauty of the other treasures by shining together.

The Dragon understands that the treasure, the diamond, which it had been guarding for so long time is a soul and it is a beauty of human emotions and human experience and by releasing the treasure it has released itself. A long heavy sigh is coming out of its chest. The Dragon feels relief and gratitude that it finally let itself to see the fullness and the beauty and the radiance of the treasure which it had been hiding. Finally it was able to give the freedom for both of them. Now that the treasure is free for everyone to enjoy and delight of the beauty of it some of the other guarding Dragons and their guarded treasures get inspired and encouraged to get free. All the treasures could now shine and radiate together and they are ever more beautiful together.

Now the Dragon has fulfilled its job and purpose, it has polished the treasure by guarding it and then brought it outside to be seen. The treasure looks and feels even more beautiful and shines more from inside and out when being with other treasures and it is ready to extend its radiance ever farther.

Finally the Dragon can fly freely in the sky and it is so grateful for its newly found freedom.

The release of the treasure is freedom for both of them - for the guard and the guarded. Freedom is healing of my wounded me. Although there still are some scars the wounds have started to heal and the scars too will be healed one day. It has been healed so much that it can release itself and release the Dragon.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Affirmation for today and all todays

I open my heart to receive new and miraculous things
I open my mind to understand humanity and life ever more
I open my body to heal and feel ever better
* I open my whole being for the Life to flow and blossom beautifully in and through me
So it be and so it is

Friday, March 22, 2013

Welcome spring and the sun!

It was vernal equinox a couple of days ago. Spring has officially come. I like it - a lot.

It has been exceptionally dark winter in Finland. Over few months period we had just 52 hours of sunshine measured at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Oh boy - it is long time without sun showing up. People get depressed easily and turn inside.
When the sun shows up everyone is more joyful and smiles easier and even greets one another. What a difference it makes to see the sun.

After such a long time without sunshine it feels just so good to let the sun shine on my face and feel it, drink the light, get nourished by it. I can wake up from my winter cave and go out. It is so good to wake up in the morning when the day is dawning every day earlier, today it was at about 6am.

This is the third winter after my move back to Finland. It was a shock to live the winter time here because of this lack of sunlight. There was sunlight almost everyday year around in Colorado, Boulder. I miss it. Yet the summer is coming again and it is extremely beautiful in Finland in summer time and the midnight sun. Soon there is no dark time at all until the next fall. I love it. Nice summer nights full of light, birds are chirping, green grass all through summer and water in the lakes is inviting us to swim.

Now I enjoy this springtime, melting snow, sunshine, budding life in trees and the feeling of opening everywhere in the nature!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Claiming a new me in Finland's Independence day

This whole year (whole life) has been a time for a big shift for me, in me and in my capacity to learn to live more fully, to show up more fully and to notice how great it feels. 
Although sometimes I have felt like shit but then my dear friends have been there for me and pushing and pulling from the ditch or offering a ladder to climb off from the ditch. 

It has been a long road and so many rocks and holes there - oh - how many bumps it has taken to walk on this road.

There has been celebration, joy and grace in turn also. Life is so full of all kind of events and I can say that I have lived this life so far and I will live from now on too and ever more loving and celebrating the Life and it's Creator.

So this Finland's independence day is a good day to claim the new me and new colors and fullness of love in life.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Why living a bit differently than expected by others

Following my heart, following my intuition, doesn't allow me to stay too fixated in one place or in one condition or one job. There is always room for flexibility and understanding yet sometimes there has to be some steadiness too that life can emerge in that place too, that life will get some form in that place and we all who are involved in that place will get our needs being met. 

The relation between flexibility and steadiness is interesting. They are not controversy or opposites. I can be flexible even though I am steady. Flexibility gives space or room for adjustments in everything which is good because we do have people around and we all have our ideas and needs.  And steadiness is nothing too fixed or bony but letting the life get form and stream easily where I need it to do so. 

So what if I let this life now flow and stream outside into the rare situation or weather condition which we have here in the northern hemisphere today or now.